I’ve just returned from a workshop in Sydney with Ruth Hadlow. Ruth is an educator, a writer and an artist who facilitates masterclass workshops for artists with a focus on process based art making, reading and writing investigations. (more information can be found by searching the net; Ruth’s current website requires the Flash plug in which can be restrictive for some users)

It’s a workshop about:

challenging thought processes;
recognising models and systems;
analysing art and writings;
critical discussion;
investigating concepts without determined outcome.

Instagram has lead me to many destinations, not just physical places, but to people and ideas. Suggested by a fellow artist I follow, the workshop has certainly given me much to think about in my own practice.

For some time I have felt the frustrations of value within my work and how art can often be seen as only to have aesthetic value. I’ve been making, making, making and at times selling, selling, selling. But neither of these things fulfil my intellect or reasoning behind why I create. I feel like I’m pretending to be something, not in my aesthetic, but in my abilty to focus on why I am an artist.

And to honour one of the many techniques discussed in Ruth’s workshop, I don’t want to write anymore about where this is going to take me. I’m just going to take the time to investigate.

I’m starting with the destruction of a recently written proposal I submitted.

I am going to read more often…insightful writings, by artists. I’m adding more poetry and philosophy to my investigation.

And the making will come in the form of chance. I’ll develop a process of ideas based on a set of words. Words that have been written by me, placed into categories and then randomly selected by someone else.

It will be a focus on journallng, erasing concerns of finality in a commercial sense. Just be in the moment and see what comes. The categories are:

PLACE        SUBJECT           ACTION            DURATION

My first set of words were randomly chosen by my daughter:

Stay tuned…

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