I’ve certainly been on a path of self analysis of late. It’s March and I honestly don’t feel like I have achieved that much. Re my work anyway. I’m on that rollercoaster of being an artist and was completely at a standstill the other week, but now I feel like I am on the move again. Having those back to back days of studio time really makes a difference to my energy levels staying even keeled.

I’ve been in need of some inspiration. Perhaps not so much on a visual level, that I have enough of (see previous post). More so in need of some mental inspiration to help me, (40 something female artist) try to make this gig work!  So I’ve been podcasting. I throw my headphones on and  listen to a range of podcasts whilst I paint, draw, clean and cook. My current obsession is a site that has been created by Monica Lee called Smart Creative Women . Today I listened to her podcast with Grace Bonney, the person behind Design Sponge and the  brains of a recent book, which I would really love to get my hands on, In the Company of Women. So good and exactly what I need to hear right now. So many valid points and head shaking going on.

Other great podcasts I listen to, whether they be about creative women or not are, The Jealous Curator, TED Talks , Life Matters (ABCradio) and Conversations with Richard Fidler (ABCradio).

Any others you know about? And also…for those who have commented on previous posts, many thanks. I have been replying to them via here and wondering are you receiving the replies in your inbox?


top left: new work by tiel seivl-keevers. Top right: Monica Lee with her painting. Bottom: Grace Bonney's In The Company of Women

top left: new work by tiel seivl-keevers. Top right: Monica Lee with her painting. Bottom: Grace Bonney’s In The Company of Women

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3 Responses to creative podcasts

  1. Mary Daki says:

    Hi Tiel, just wanted to tell you how much I love reading your musings on art and life. The challenges of being an artist and mum, the doubts and creative process… So honest and authentic! I’m nearly sixty and a grandma, always wanted to be an artist but hey life happens. I admire yours and every artist’s courage in putting themselves out there, knowing full well the sacrifices made especially by women who are mothers too. My eldest daughter is facing those same challenges. Your work is stunningly beautiful, unique and expressive and is a huge inspiration to me love seeing your woofy studio assistants too!

    • Tiel says:

      Hi Mary,

      thanks so much for your comment. I am not good at maintaining my blog and have only just seen this now. It really does make a difference to read something like this. Our lives are so busy so taking the time to write is greatly appreciated. xoxo

      • Mary Daki says:

        Thank you Tiel for your reply came back into the blog space to see, it doesn’t show in my emails but maybe I didn’t subscribe my email. No problem I love your blog x


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