Each garden we explored in Kyoto was unique. And I am only now focussing on my time and experience within each one.

Beyond everything that I felt and saw whilst strolling through them, was the feeling of calmness and peace. Even to sit in a restaurant or cafe and have a small garden at the back was like a breath of fresh air. An escape from the crowds of urban life.

My favourite two were at The Heian Jingu Shrine and the Okochi-Sanso Villa. I’m still finding the words to express how they make me feel. I know that visually they will impact my thoughts and I will see many of the colours, shapes, philosophies etc appear in my paintings.



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One Response to Infinite Spaces

  1. I meant to comment days ago but somehow forgot, oops. Sorry.
    I can definitely see ideas for your art/paintings in some of the photos, there’s no denying where you find your inspiration from !!! 😉
    Thank you for the awesome photos. xoxo


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