How do you define success in your life? Is it commercial recognition? Is it just getting through your day? Is it proving to other people in your life that you can do something? Is it just being happy with attempting a goal? Google ‘Success Quotes’ and you’ll probably find something that you can relate to.

Time is not on my side as I write this post. I have to go to the bank, then the doctor, then think about dinner, buy some groceries because we have family arriving tonight. Oh and then if I am feeling energetic this afternoon after I have done all that (because my day starts at 5.50am), and before the kids get home..that’s right they will need healthy food options in the house to eat…I might get to have some studio time where I can be creative and prove to myself and to others that being an artist is not just a hobby, but an actual job that I could be successful at? Now I hear all my friends (and my mum) saying, ‘But you are! Look at what you have managed to do in the last 10 years.’

But am I? And by the way, I am not trying to be a martyr when I say all this stuff…

I’m trying to work out what it is I want to do. Where do I fit into this world? What pathway do I need to map out to feel satisfied in my artistic endeavours.

I recently wrote some words down that have been playing in my head and posted it onto my Instagram page. @tiel_seivl_keevers Honestly there are a lot of cans I want to open with this post. Lots of different conversations that I need to have. Not just about success, but also about online behaviours; this overwhelming sense that we are all just feeding off each others’ ideas and images; the frustrations of what the art world is becoming and how much value we put onto art. His work is so like her work….She creates some amazing things, but that last post was so identical to his work….. Do you hear these words?

I feel a very strong need to remove myself from certain arenas at the moment in order to work out some of these questions and to not feel that people’s judgements on what I do, how I live, should define who I am.

Anyway….I have to go…the bank awaits.

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