January was for a month for clearing the decks. Domestic clutter was suffocating my creative head.

It’s always been a month too for just being with the kids whilst they are on holidays. I allow myself a few hours here and there to be in the studio or to be doing something creative near them, but honestly as they grow into tiny adults they aren’t so interested in my being near them.

So now, it is February and like every year it hits me hard with the reality of what am I going to do this year?

I always start my year with involving myself in a course, and this year I have two lined up. One online and the other interstate. I cannot wait.

I have also decided to make this month a time for working out in my head what I want my work to be.
(more on that in the next post above).

In the meantime I am getting down to my old artistic roots and discovering that I just need to make marks. Hopefully in a few weeks I will have a studio full of chaos and mess that will be the perfect ingredients to a new body of work.

Today it is all about playing with shadows.

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