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Works on Paper and happenings

Here are a few recent works I have available on paper. Please note that selected works have a free shipping code PAPERSHIPFREE


Coming up soon I will be having a small group show at Side Gallery in Brisbane and also be participating in a Summer Series Show at Boom Gallery in Geelong.

With summer holidays approaching, I will be spending some time exploring northern NSW and I’ll be paying particular attention to the Birdlife.

Recently I became aware of a collaborative project about migratory Shoreline Birds, called Overwintering. Artist, Kate Gorringe-Smith has initiated this mapping project and around 150 artists from NZ and Australia are involved, producing prints on their observations of these birds. I’ve been wanting an excuse to get back into some printmaking so this will be the perfect trigger. When I first started painting years ago, birds were often the subject matter of my work and here where I live and work I constantly pay attention to the local avians coming and going.


Stay tuned….

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Mooball Creek

A place I visit regularly now, but have done so a few times over the last ten years is the quiet coastal town in NSW, called Pottsville.

Here, the quietness of the town slows me down.

Located right on the coastline adjacent t0 beautiful wide beaches and open shores, it has a sense of pushing you back in time. At its heart is Mooball Creek which directly flows in from the ocean, and is a height of activity for locals and summer holiday makers who wish to float on its waters, fish or wade through.

Recently the creek has been blocked. At the mouth, there had been topographical changes to the retaining rock wall and with the way nature goes, eventually reduced the ocean waters to flow in and out with the tides. Causing risk of flooding to the urban areas down stream, but more importantly the risk of killing off the flora and fauna of the ecosystem. Reports even suggested that there had also been higher levels of bacteria in the creek and swimmers were advised not to swim in it.

So with this in the forefront of my mind of late, I have reworked ‘Winter Waters’ (2016) and now have ‘Cleansing the Winter Waters’. I’m OK with painting over older work, especially if it becomes a little stagnant and in need of some rejuvenation. Continuing the ideals of impermanence within the concepts of my work with nature.

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Snapshots of recent happenings

Recently I completed a solo show at Side Gallery in Brisbane Queensland….“Unfolding Surfaces”

and I have been involved in a group show in Apollo Bay, Victoria “Art and Ecology”.


I’ve been spending my spare time in Pottsville, New South Wales. My home away from home. Here I have been exploring Mooball Creek…. a constant source of inspiration. Recently the creek stopped flowing due to topographical changes at the mouth of the creek. Watching the waters has grabbed my attention and developed my sense of environmental issues within this area…..more to come over the years as I spend more time there.


Below is a collection of works….


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Unfolding Surfaces

Below are some of the framed works that will be on display and for sale at my up coming show at Side Gallery from August 16th to September 7th, Red Hill, Brisbane Australia.

Grey Gum Walk. Mixed Media on Canvas. 80cm x 80cm. Framed

Bellarine. Mixed Media on paper. 45cm x 77cm. Framed

Exploring Eucalyptus. Mixed Media on paper. 53cm x 72cm. Framed

The Blue Mountains. Mixed Media on paper. 42cm x 75cm. Framed

Winter Waters. Mixed Media on Canvas 153xm x 103cm. Framed

Banksia Ash. Mixed Media on Wood 40xm x 40cm. Framed

Trepidation. Mixed Media on Wood 40xm x 40cm. Framed

In Agnst. Mixed Media on Wood 40xm x 40cm. Framed



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Rusted Seas

The ocean offers so much inspiration. I’m slightly terrified of being in or on water, but I always feel a need to be near water.

Rusted Seas was painted in 2016 after a holiday in Lorne, Victoria. During our stay there were some summer bush fires in the area which caused a great deal of devastation right down to the coast line.

As the sun set, a deep orange almost red light filtered through the smoke, reflecting on the ocean’s service.

Specks of ash washed up onto the shoreline.

Rusted Seas is now {on sale here}. SOLD Two other paintings from this event are Warm Waters and Fire Over the Ridge {SOLD) both available at Boom Gallery.

Warm Waters 40cm x 40cm $840 Framed in Oak

Fire Over the Ridge 45cm x 80cm $1580 Framed in Oak



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Colour Field Exhibition

April and May are always busy times for our household, so I haven’t been producing any new works since the last exhibition I was involved in, The Colour Field. Visit at Art Images Gallery based in Adelaide for all the details.

There is a selection of paintings on paper and canvas and all now framed by the Gallery.

All of the paintings for this show have been produced from recent explorations and travels including Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden in Sydney ; Mt Coot-tha  here in Brisbane and the River at the base of my studio.


Paper collaged works such as Honey on Spotted Gum and The River’s Edge are a continuation of my investigations into the Japanese concept known as Mottainai. Repurposing and reimagining older artworks then reassembling them like a handmade quilt. Each panel is unique and not only reflects the colours of the natural environment that they have been inspired from, but also signify the importance of capturing memory and time.

I continue also to investigate surface design and patchwork with paper instead of textiles.