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For those who have been following my work over the years will know that as an artist, I like to investigate many techniques and processes.

I started to share my work on Flickr in 2007 and then merged to Instagram a few years later and to this day share many of these investigations with followers.

Although I majored in printmaking at University, I have a passion for surface design, pattern, textiles, paper manipulation, photography, textiles, embroidery, and illustration. I enjoy the process of experimentation and investigation.

So here, in the news section, not only will you read about upcoming shows and events relating to my work, but also discover information about creative practitioners and thinkers who inspire me, and of course see my investigations along the way.


I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years now, with posts that have related to my work, my family, the frustrations of being a mother artist, and my travels around the world that has inspired my creativity. Although Instagram is my most used form of social media, I will endeavour to fill this space more often.

I write with honesty, and see myself as an artist who is constantly shifting gear to work within the needs of other commitments in my life. Although at times this is of great frustration to me, I am learning to have peace with it. So my work can sometimes seem random and disjointed, but there will always be common threads evident in my work that I take from all my many interests.

So, please feel free to comment, say hello and I will do my best to reply to you.