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Studio Snippets

I have been super busy, happy busy….co running the gallery; finishing works for the show in Adelaide, ‘The Nature of Things’; working on several commissions; working one day a week working on my ceramics, and the usual life business. It hasn’t left me with much time to keep my studio in order. In fact adding ceramics to an already small studio whilst trying to paint some large scale paintings isn’t ideal!

Come these summer holidays I plan on giving it a a good hose down, a thorough cull and sort of contents and a new slick of paint..including a change of colour on the door!

I hope that I can start to have some more open studio times for visitors.

In the meantime I have had some help to get the garden area looking a little less ‘jungle’ like. And finally after 10 years I have a kitchen garden. this is to the right of the path that leads down to the studio it self.