It’s a rare that I found myself with a full week in the studio. No appointments or urgent chores.

I know it is only Tuesday, but Monday was one of those fulfilled studio days, giving me a sense that the week will continue along the same pathway.

When I have these continuous, uninterrupted studio days I get the chance to play.

Play is an important part of my work. It allows me to nut out some of the ideas that have been swimming around in my head. Instead of just using one media such as paint, I reach for scraps in my drawers. Old works, found papers, photocopies all in hibernation waiting for me to play. There’s also something quite cathartic about cutting up your work.

What will come of these, will be the hardest step in the process of working out why I am doing this. That refining stage. For me I struggle with slowing down the process and not jumping ahead to something completely different. It’s a bit like the dog in the movie Up who is constantly distracted by the squirrel.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and that means I put on my ceramics thinking cap. But I am also currently obsessed with Tapestry…again and feel I need to really tap into this art practice. I am drooling through The Australian Tapestry website.  

I also need to paint….yes there are new things on the horizon that are keeping me busy.

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