“Tiel made us a most perfect piece of magic that sits centre stage in our home. It was commissioned and she worked hard to incorporate all that I wanted and more! I adore it so much!!”


“When I saw Tiel’s work for the first time on her Instagram account I was immediately attracted and wanted to find out more about the artist. After viewing her body of work I was further captivated by her spirited mark making, layers of wonderful textures and gorgeous colours. The close relationship with her natural surroundings was evident but also subtle, which promotes a closer observation into those dense layers. I especially love her mixed media pieces where the textures of stitchery and paint combine to create a visual feast. I am lucky to have one of her works in my home and appreciate it daily. After having met Tiel through my daughter and following the recording of her studio practises on Instagram, I have come to further appreciate her creative vision.”


“Absolutely love Tiel’s work and feel very lucky to have a few of her gorgeous pieces in my home.”

Simone Pollock

“It was such a wonderful and dynamic process working with Tiel to create our commission. We found it a great balance of letting Tiel create her unique beauty in the composition with the occasional insight from us. We absolutely love our piece and are so appreciative of Tiel including us in the journey as she worked through different layers of the painting. We will treasure this piece for a lifetime and would love to fill our home with her work!”

Sean and Jamie

“Tiel's style is beautiful and timeless. I've purchased existing works and had a piece commissioned and every interaction with Tiel has been positive. Tiel was so accomodating and attentive to every detail, even down to the framing which was carefully selected to finish the artwork. Each artwork was delivered to my door by Tiel herself making the process so much more personal.”


“We purchased a Tiel Seivl-Keevers after spotting a small painting of hers in a house on The Design Files website. It is called ‘Tidal Gems’ and hangs on the wall at the foot of our bed. It represents shells on the tide line; beautiful glimpses of bright colour against a whitewashed background. It is lovely to contemplate going off to sleep at night and on waking in the morning.”


"I have three of Tiel's smaller original artworks in my home and I always enjoy looking at them. I love Tiel's abstract style and the way her work evokes feelings of being in nature and experiencing the different seasons. There is something very appealing about her dream-like compositions."

Jo Hoban

“I commissioned a large scale painting from Tiel. Due to the distance between our locations we never met and all correspondence was via email. Tiel was amazing at deciphering my wants and desires when it came to the piece. At the end of the process, Tiel shipped my work to my home. It now sits prominently in our home. I can't speak more highly of the experience with Tiel.”

Katharine Finch