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Rusted Seas

The ocean offers so much inspiration. I’m slightly terrified of being in or on water, but I always feel a need to be near water.

Rusted Seas was painted in 2016 after a holiday in Lorne, Victoria. During our stay there were some summer bush fires in the area which caused a great deal of devastation right down to the coast line.

As the sun set, a deep orange almost red light filtered through the smoke, reflecting on the ocean’s service.

Specks of ash washed up onto the shoreline.

Rusted Seas is now {on sale here}. SOLD Two other paintings from this event are Warm Waters and Fire Over the Ridge {SOLD) both available at Boom Gallery.

Warm Waters 40cm x 40cm $840 Framed in Oak

Fire Over the Ridge 45cm x 80cm $1580 Framed in Oak