Tiel Seivl-Keevers completed a Visual Arts in degree in 1993 at Queensland University of Technology and since then has lived in Victoria and Queensland. She currently resides between Brisbane, Qld  and Pottsville, NSW.

In the moment I’m investigating: nature  | memory | ageing | cycles  | topography | place | impermanence | substance

From the Unfolding Surfaces Exhibition, 2018:

” Unfolding Surfaces; An exploration into memory and impermanence is Tiel Seivl-Keevers’ investigative series into the artist’s memory-based

and site specific nostalgia of found objects. Tiel accumulates collections of botanical and fibrous items from natural surroundings and builds

layers upon layers of marks and etchings which resonate with the object’s form.

Impermanence as a concept mirrors a resonation with nature; seasons and cyclical change.

These marks and etchings too have an inherent impermanence as Tiel covers and uncovers, marks and unmarks, folds and unfolds.

Tiel sews these concepts together with representative Australian flora symbols collected on her journeys.

The resulting works in this series, regardless of medium, always uncovers another memory of a journey on foot through the Australian landscape.”

Laura Brinin, Curator

Texture, line and colour are elements that echo as I work through the passage of developing a blank surface to a finished image. I build layers. I erase. I assemble. I alter. I scratch and carve, then stitch and mend until I am satisfied that I have captured the atmosphere and intricacies that nature provides.

Exploring the physical journey of being within a place that can provoke memory; mapping points and connections. Expressing sensations of how nature impacts our emotions. The expression of air, water, earth, fire, smell, sound and touch collide onto one surface where the audience can see all these layers.

A career as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, University and TAFE teacher in Visual Arts, Design and Multimedia in Queensland and Victoria.



Workshop: Jo Bertini: Art Workshops Australia, NSW
Summer Projects VI Group Exhibition: Boom Gallery Vic
Dust Group Exhibition: Brisbane, Qld
Selected Works exhibition Art Images Gallery, SA


Wild Otways: Conservation Exhibition, Apollo Bay, Vic
‘Connection’ exhibition Brisbane Grammar School, Qld
Unfolding Surfaces solo exhibition: Side Gallery, Brisbane Qld
The Colour Field group exhibition: Art Images Gallery, SA
Workshop: Dionne Swift : Drawing for Textiles, online
Workshop: Ruth Hadlow : Making in the Moment Masterclass, Sydney NSW


Workshop: Seeds Through an Artist’s Lens : Sophie Munns, Brisbane Qld
Workshop:Jennifer Long, paper vessel, Impress Studio, Qld, Aust. Participant.
Evolve exhibition Brisbane Grammar School, Qld
Unravelled Terrains solo exhibition, The Crucible Gallery, BCM Advertising Group Qld
Christmas exhibition, Art Images Gallery SA
Unravelled Terrains, Group Show, Woolloongabba Art Gallery, Qld
Christmas Group Show, Woolloongabba Art Gallery, Qld

Infinite Memories, solo exhibition, Boom Gallery Vic
ttmade collaboration
Modern Furniture Store, Qld
Feather and Lawry Qld
Aspire Gallery, Qld- Brisbane Women’s Club/Regeneration show Qld
Mayo Art Show, St Margarets Anglican School…ttmade Qld
Art Images Gallery SA
Group Show, Boom Gallery Vic

Workshop: Charles Cohan Printmaking, Impress Studio, Qld, Aust. Participant.
Art Stream Gallery, SA, Aust. – Second Nature group show
Boom Gallery, VIC, Aust. – Group show
Feather and Lawry, Qld, Aust.  – Group show
Hillsdon Art Show, Qld

Boom Gallery, VIC, Aust. – Winter Harvest. Solo show
Downlands College Art Show – featured artist
Brisbane Modern Art Gallery, Qld, Aust.
Workshop : Judy Watson Printmaking, Impress Studio, Qld, Aust. Participant.
Art Images Gallery, SA. Aust.

Buy Some Damn Art, USA. Online exhibiting artist.

2012 – 2013
Louey and Lane Gallery, VIC, Aust.

2012 – 2013  
Modern Times, VIC, Aust.

Les Salles Retail, Qld, Aust.

2010 – 2013
Little Paper Planes, USA.
Artstream studios, USA

Lethbridge 10000 Finalist, QLD Aust.
HIllsdon Art Show, QLD, Aust.
St Columba’s Art Show, Qld Aust

Urban Grind exhibition, Qld Aust.

2003 – 2013    
Freelance Designer and Illustrator. Artist.

Group Exhibition Swinburne University

2001 – 2003    
Teaching position at Swinburne University and TAFE in Graphic Design and Multimedia

Group Exhibition Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery      
Teaching position at SQIT in Fine Arts, Mulitmedia Design and Graphic Design
Diploma of Multimedia, SQIT
Graduate Diploma of Education, Griffith University. (TBC)    
Bachelor Arts | Visual Arts, QUT (majoring in printmaking)