Terra Firma III

My third group exhibition for the year is currently on at Boom Gallery in Geelong Victoria.

The third iteration of Terra Firma brings a diverse selection of artists Big Boom, all exploring the natural and urban Australian landscape.

Featuring Tiel Seivl-Keevers, Steve Singline, John Gatip, Ileigh Hellier and Colleen Guiney.


Drawn to the interplay of trees, texture, light, and the act of walking through local forests and reserves inspire this body of work. Trees stand as enduring symbols of strength and resilience. Beholders of time and memory. Through my artwork, I seek to delve into the intricate patterns of bark, and the interweaving branches that create captivating silhouettes against earth and sky. The act of slowing down, noticing the tiny details that often go unnoticed becomes a meditative practice and one of contemplation. CLICK to see all the works for sale including paintings on canvas and paper and a small selection of ceramics.



Cloud Clumps is a series of ceramic wall art that have materialised from cloud observations over the seasons, specifically post the severe La Niña weather patterns that have brought rain and floods.

gallery photos by Carli Wilson Photography

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