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Chasing Water

Jet ski or Kayak? I’d prefer the latter speed in life, but I’m married to someone who loves fast cars and jet skis. So with some compromise I convinced him to spend a few hours on the Brisbane River exploring.

WATER: “It has no shape but can take any shape… You can touch it, but you cannot hold it… It can slip through your fingers, like it’s nothing at all. But life would be unthinkable without it.” By Hiroshi Osada

TAKEOUTS: How magnificent bridges are | A palette of colours ready to explore | reflection and light | how much I love raw umber to paint water

READING: ‘Water is a Portal to Transendence’

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So far in January…

I’ve been weaving

I can’t sit for long and not do something with my hands. So I’ve been weaving and stitching. As I have been cleaning out drawers within the studio and house, I have been thinking about what to do with old works on paper. It’s been quite cathartic slicing and remaking small sculptural objects from old work and threads. And with the first image on the left, even collecting palm leaves whilst in the garden has always been a great source of materials to play with.

I’ve also been sketching. – Every year I say, ‘DRAW MORE’. I have multiple journals lying around, rarely filled. This year I really hope to change my habits and just start to sketch. The importance of observing and recording, and improving my hand eye coordination. Muscle memory. Not only to experiment with mark making, but to develop better observational skills.

If I don’t have pencil and journal at hand, I always have access to my iPad. It’s quite liberating to just grab it and start without having to go and find my journal and decide on which pencil/pen to use.

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A New Year

On this 13th day of the new year I feel like January should be over by now
Covid sickness within the family…{like so many others}
Ageing parents in need of care and time
And the passing of a remarkable friend

Last year I made a decision that I would slow things down now that I have no more children at school
I have decided to have a gap year of sorts
Looking forward to working less and making more with meaning

I plan to
clean and cull

I am still painting, but I hope to paint more with grit rather than by agenda
There are plenty of people claiming to be artists saturating the art market, slapping paint on canvases to dress walls
And good on them if it makes them happy, it’s just not for me

The only plans I have for certain are to say no more than yes, or to just say yes on my terms
I think with everything going on in the world this is timely

So before the year flies by, I plan to start here in this space
An extension of my instagram page with the occasional ramble or words in order to try and make sense of my thoughts

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paper | assemblage | /əˈsɛmblɪdʒ/

My first love for media has always been with paper.

I have drawers full of paper.

New. handmade. Painted. Torn. Thick. Thin. And Coloured coded as best I can.

The bottom blue image with the word FOCUS is a mono print that I made in 1998. It has been amongst the piles of papers since then. I have held it many a time but today it seemed to connect with me somehow. Maybe the words, the cobalt blue, the memory of making it in Toowoomba in a workshop run by an artist whose name I cannot recall. This itself frustrates me.

Yet today, with some time to focus I was able to play. An integral part of my process. Time to make marks, make compositional decisions, assemble and alter different papers so that they unite as one artwork.

It is quite different to painting on a canvas, or sketching a flower or something I have found on my walk. And as I do this I feel so grounded with the process of making rather than making for a purely commercial sense.

Lately I am struggling with where I want my work to sit in the world…well just a small section of the world. I am proudly not ambitious and don’t  like thrusting my art on  platforms like instagram. Albeit I probably do more than others. We just do what works at the time and there is no judgement as to what is right or wrong.

I have noticed many other artists of late feeling the same about Instagram and needing some time out. Don’t get me wrong, I love many things about instagram, it has its place. But it seems to be quite a consuming and competitive space. I need to work out a balance of sorts. For sometime I have planned for 2022 to be a year where I take my time to filter and connect my ideas. A year to slow down and create with real interrelation. Perhaps this process of assemblage is a start to this connective process.

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Studio Snippets

I have been super busy, happy busy….co running the gallery; finishing works for the show in Adelaide, ‘The Nature of Things’; working on several commissions; working one day a week working on my ceramics, and the usual life business. It hasn’t left me with much time to keep my studio in order. In fact adding ceramics to an already small studio whilst trying to paint some large scale paintings isn’t ideal!

Come these summer holidays I plan on giving it a a good hose down, a thorough cull and sort of contents and a new slick of paint..including a change of colour on the door!

I hope that I can start to have some more open studio times for visitors.

In the meantime I have had some help to get the garden area looking a little less ‘jungle’ like. And finally after 10 years I have a kitchen garden. this is to the right of the path that leads down to the studio it self.

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Where to buy my work?

It’s been a busy year, two years. The pandemic has been great for business.

I thought I would make a list of where you can purchase my work as I don’t always have everything in my online shop.

ONLINE SHOP – where you’ll find a selection of work available directly from my Brisbane studio and links of some works to various galleries and agents. See below

Boom Gallery – Based in Geelong, Victoria

Art Images Gallery – Based in Adelaide, South Australia

Gallery Raye – Based in Brisbane, Queensland… see previous post

The Gallerist – Based in Sydney, NSW.

Below is a selection of works via The Gallerist. See their website for more images.



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Finte Art Space Update

I cannot believe there are only weeks to go until we close the doors. It has been such a great gallery space and opportunity to be apart of. So many Brisbane and nearby artists struggle to find affordable space to exhibit their work, so to provide, albeit a short term space, has been incredibly rewarding on a community and business level.
And it has been so lovely to meet so many followers and admirers in person.

However, our last Day will be December 18th.

So make sure you pop in before then, we have some amazing artists still to exhibit, and our side of the gallery, (Melanie Kilby, Tracy Murray and myself) has plenty of original artwork, ceramics and beautiful quality prints available. Perfect for Christmas.

You’ll find us at 37 Latrobe Terrace Paddington Queensland. And bring a furry friend…like Sizzles.





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The Nature of Things

The Nature of Things

8 October – 7 November 2021

‘The Nature of Things’ brings together the work of 11 local and interstate artists across the mediums of painting and sculpture.

This exhibition explores our close connection with nature, and how it has offered reprieve from the sometimes chaotic world. The escape into and solace from nature is the central reflection for the artists in this exhibition; the degree of abstraction varies from artist to artist as they draw upon their experiences from their surrounding environments. Whether they are centring in on details, or summarising general impressions left upon them from a particular environment, each artist interprets this theme with consideration and reflection.

Artists: Jackie Anderson (NSW) Sally Browne (NSW) Jo Dyer (VIC) Ian Greig (NSW) Alexandra Hirst (SA) Tiffany Kingston (NSW) Cristina Metelli (SA) Rosetta Santucci (NSW) Tiel Sievl-Keevers (QLD) Claire Yerbury (NSW) Elizabeth Wojciak (SA).

“Words from Art Images Gallery”

Below is a selection of some of the works in the show. Please visit Art Images Gallery to view all of the works I have for this exhibition. Click on each image to see more information.

The selection of works for this show has arisen from three local areas I have been able to visit and explore since Covid 19 travel restrictions have been in place.

The first is Mt Coot-tha here in Brisbane. More like a bump than a mountain, but only a short distance from home where I can walk the many tracks and be surrounded by trees and wildlife. Here I sometimes sketch, but mostly photograph and collect flora from the paths. I often carry them in my hands, feel them, then leave them.


The second is my home. The simplicity of my garden, the eucalyptus trees and the river below. The magpies and kookaburras that come to visit us each day.

The third place is in Northern NSW along the beaches and creeks of Bundjalung country where the tides bring in a myriad of ocean flora, and each walk depending on the season brings new treasures.

Each place is a marvel to watch the transition of light and colour, new growth and the often the short existence of life.