Bailey’s Ridge

Last week I spent a day planting eucalyptus trees for Koalas and Gliders. As an investor in Koala Farmland Fund, an offset provider, it was great to get out to Bailey’s Ridge on Quandamooka Country and help plant the first trees for the future for the koalas in this area.

This is one of two properties in South East Queensland currently managed by the organisation to specifically provide land for Koala habitation. Even if you are not Australian, you are likely to know that the population of Koalas is under great threat.

Recently I viewed video footage of Koalas on Kangaroo Island being killed or injured due to the logging of trees. It made me sick to the stomach to watch, and to now wait and see what the government will do to change the policy and legislation in relation to logging forestry. It is unbelievable.

Here at Bailey’s Ridge, there is only one tracked Koala by the name of Thelma. However she recently has had a joey, so its a good sign that this area is providing a healthy and safe environment for the local species.

There will be over 2500 trees planted on this property, with 5 different species of eucalyptus. Pink Bloodwood, Grey Gum, Tallowwood, Ironbbark and Redgum. It feels great to be able to invest in a development such as this. And it also inspires my work in so many ways.

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