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On writing

Late last year I decided to start writing more in order to help focus on my process so that I could ‘stay on track’ so to speak.

I’ve discovered substack, a place to share words and sometimes images. Follow along if you like.


I’ll try to post some of my entries here as well. Like this

2024 Mantra- just paint and make

I start on a new year in the studio, my focus shifts to upcoming goals, marked by two exhibitions and the completion of a commission with another waiting in the wings.
Now back in the zone I am filling my studio with paint and canvases, mess everywhere as it should be. A deliberate disarray with no apologies.

Continuing with themes and ideas that have lost in various brain compartments for sometime.
Basically my mantra will be ‘just paint and make’. ‘Just paint and make’.  Or as David Hockney allegedly said, ‘shut up and paint’

Mindful of life’s inevitable interruptions—health, holidays, family, or other commitments—I remain prepared, ensuring  balance between art and life.
‘just paint and make’…
Because I will be so busy ‘just painting and making’ ( staying optimistic here) I’ve opted to share finished pieces less frequently on socials and my website. Instead, I’ll update monthly, reserving time to determine the ideal avenues for showcasing and selling my works.
And if you’re like me you’ll be missing posts on instagram unless you specifically go looking for them.
However if you are looking for a new piece, any shape or size,  please don’t hesitate to contact me to see what I have in stock.
Works on paper, canvas, wood and even a few ceramics.
My studio is always open via appointment if you are in Brisbane you are welcome to come and see all my unapologetic chaos and see all the details of the work.
And if you’re not local, I can email you photos and details.
Let me know if you’d like to be added to my mailing list for updates in case you don’t use this space regularly.
Here’s one I prepared earlier:


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