Death of a sunflower. Part 1

For the past year, the reality of death has been a significant part of my life.

This post is simply a reference point to begin the journey of recording and drawing out ideas.
‘I spend hours sketching or manipulating photos with my paintings and they sit in journals or files on the iCloud waiting for a time to become something more.

I’ve even made a few ceramic pieces that are now in the corner of studio looking neglected.
For the past six months, I’ve been contemplating the project ‘death of a sunflower’ while simultaneously preparing for a solo exhibition. Also about death, but steered by a different influence. 

So perhaps if I just quickly post here in this space without too many words, I’ll be more likely to continue the journey. I’m excellent at starting journeys and then diverting onto different tracks losing sight of my intentions. or not writing more often  because it takes too long

There’s a vulnerability to sharing work that is not yet complete or whole… but in order to be a better artist it feels important to do so.

below: Friday night sketch; sunflower

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