October ramblings

Over the last year we have had plenty of rain in the Eastern parts of Australia with devastating results for many. I’ve started to notice our clouded skies, and have become a weather app geek. Maps have always fascinated me. Cartography and topography.


I’ve also of late felt the need to reduce and strip my work. For many reasons that I’m still trying to filter and articulate in my head.

Perhaps clarifying my aesthetic will bring a certain clarity that I need. Often at night I like to reflect on my Studio day by analysing what I have created. Sometimes I read articles but I find myself mostly working on my iPad or computer.I use them as my visual diary.

Importing images where I work them over and over, but only using limited marks, patterns, colour palette etc.. It’s very much a process that resolves all the mess in my head. Here are 6 variations of 1 painting l made on paper using mostly ink and acrylic paints.

Looking at these makes me want to get back into printmaking again.

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