Collaboration with Dogstar – Monono Aware – Sense of Impermanence

Monono Aware – Sense of Impermanence

It started with a conversation about two years with owner Masayo from Australian Label Dogstar.

From these two paintings, ‘Sticks and Stones’ and ‘Woodland Treasures’ a limited collection of clothing was developed for the Spring Sumner 22/23 collection.

For many years I have been fascinated with Japanese culture. Particularly thoughts and practises pertaining to nature within both Buddhist and Shinto beliefs.

I first learned of ‘mono no aware’ many years ago. A term developing from The Heian period of Japan (794-1185).

Basically it translates to ‘the pathos of things’.

As part of my art practice I investigate concepts of memory and impermanence in relation to specific topographical journeys and the constant changes within nature. Through various techniques, manipulate surfaces and use mixed media as a way of connecting what I see within the surrounding environment.

Painting and printmaking techniques have dominated my 30 year art practice, and more recently I’ve been tinkering with ceramics and metal.

I have a love of handcrafted textiles, particularly from Asia so this collaboration with Dogstar Clothing has been a way of connecting many of these ideas.

Some of these photos were taken by River Petein.

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