A New Year

On this 13th day of the new year I feel like January should be over by now
Covid sickness within the family…{like so many others}
Ageing parents in need of care and time
And the passing of a remarkable friend

Last year I made a decision that I would slow things down now that I have no more children at school
I have decided to have a gap year of sorts
Looking forward to working less and making more with meaning

I plan to
clean and cull

I am still painting, but I hope to paint more with grit rather than by agenda
There are plenty of people claiming to be artists saturating the art market, slapping paint on canvases to dress walls
And good on them if it makes them happy, it’s just not for me

The only plans I have for certain are to say no more than yes, or to just say yes on my terms
I think with everything going on in the world this is timely

So before the year flies by, I plan to start here in this space
An extension of my instagram page with the occasional ramble or words in order to try and make sense of my thoughts

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