So far in January…

I’ve been weaving

I can’t sit for long and not do something with my hands. So I’ve been weaving and stitching. As I have been cleaning out drawers within the studio and house, I have been thinking about what to do with old works on paper. It’s been quite cathartic slicing and remaking small sculptural objects from old work and threads. And with the first image on the left, even collecting palm leaves whilst in the garden has always been a great source of materials to play with.

I’ve also been sketching. – Every year I say, ‘DRAW MORE’. I have multiple journals lying around, rarely filled. This year I really hope to change my habits and just start to sketch. The importance of observing and recording, and improving my hand eye coordination. Muscle memory. Not only to experiment with mark making, but to develop better observational skills.


If I don’t have pencil and journal at hand, I always have access to my iPad. It’s quite liberating to just grab it and start without having to go and find my journal and decide on which pencil/pen to use.


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